Prospective Transfer Student from Univ. of Miami

Hi there,

I’m currently a freshman at the University of Miami and I’m enrolled in 15 credits. Next semester I have planned 17 credits. However, my classes are very challenging and noticed others around me have easier sections for classes. I was wondering if I would still have a shot transferring for the Fall 2022 session to other colleges with lets say a 3.0-3.2 GPA first semester w/ good recommendations. I’m also applying as an environmental studies major.

High school GPA: 3.81 UW 4.39 W
College Info:
Play intramural basketball at UM
Undergraduate Healthcare Club member
Florida Water and Environment Association member
Climate Reality Project Member
Outdoor Recreation Club Member

The Schools I’m interested in transferring to are the following (by preference w/ no financial aid)

  1. University of Rochester
  2. Lafayette College
  3. Syracuse University
  4. UVA
  5. Colgate University
  6. Pitt
  7. Hamilton College
  8. Northeastern University

If this can be answered tysm.

Based on your intended major, you may want to consider adding some of these schools to your list:

Were you accepted to any of those schools as a senior?

Some of the listed schools may be out of reach with your college GPA…can you get that up before the end of the semester? If you end up with a 3.0-3.2, Syracuse and Pitt are probably the only two realistic transfer schools on your list, the rest would be reaches.

I also don’t buy that you uniquely have harder classes than others, across the board….what else is going on?

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Yeah I got into Pitt.

Why do you want to transfer?

Regarding grades, Hamilton states that “successful [transfer] applicants have typically earned a college GPA of 3.33 or higher.”

Admission - Apply - Transfer FAQs - Hamilton College.