Prospects for 2110 Score

I just took the SAT for the third time and received a 2090 (590M, 730CR, 770W). My superscore is a 2110 because I previously scored 790 on Writing. My weighted GPA is a 4.1 and my unweighted GPA is approximately 3.41 (I had a rough freshman year when it comes to grades). I’ve taken four AP exams: AP US History (5), AP World History (4), AP US Government (4) and AP Psychology (4).

I’m applying to state schools like Penn State Main Campus, Bucknell and the University of Pittsburgh (as a resident of Pennsylvania). I’ve also been considering more prominent schools like George Washington University and etc. I don’t have any outstanding extracurriculars, but I’m inclined to think my essay is pretty well written. How likely do you guys think I am to be admitted to any of these schools?