Providence College EA

I was accepted into Providence College during Early Action and its one of my top schools, but I received nothing in scholarships, like zero money? I was just wondering how this could be possible and if theres any way I could get one?

Congratulations! My son applied EA as well. When did you hear? Email or snail mail? Congrats again. Check websites. Financial aid often comes out later.

@bluter99 CONGRATS! I heard it comes in January, all the aid is after! Also where do you live? (Just wondering Because of mail, I’m in South Central ma)

We’re in Eastern MA. Do letters arrive by mail?

@7106 and @stellallets , I live in Rhode Island so I got my letter yesterday in the mail. Thank you though! I’m happy to have gotten in but I have friends who also got in and they received big scholarships, but my admissions packet said nothing about a scholarship, which is why I’m concerned.

@bluter99 don’t worry! Hopefully you’ll get good aid, I know you can always talk to admissions if you don’t get enough! Can’t wait to check tomorrow’s mail, the suspense is killing me, but I have the same worry too, it’s so expensive!!

@bluter99 when you Say your friends received big scholarships, it was merit money they received? (as opposed to need based financial aid or grants)? Was it right in the acceptance letter for them or somewhere else? I don’t know how Providence is, but I know that some schools send all the merit at once and follow up later with need based financial aid. Other schools send some merit out up front, but only to their very top candidates. And then in following months more merit aid might trickle out. (and again, usually need based financial aid comes later)

Yes- I agree. My son got into Fordham and I’ve read about a lot of kids getting merit scholarships up front. The financial aid comes out in February. Don’t get discouraged and follow up tomorrow so you have your information. Good luck!! You deserve it!

Same here! Thought it was weird considering I was way above their middle 50 ranges… I went through their FAQs and read that aid doesn’t come out until mid-late January :frowning:

Accepted EA with 3.79 weighted gpa, 1360 SAT, 29 ACT, 4 total APs, Score of 5 on AP exam of intended major, 3 mission trips, 200+ hrs of community service, leadership position in 2 groups, one varsity sport, 2 honor societies. NO MERIT mad about it

I was accepted early action and received 45% off aid and was asked to be in their honors program. In case anyone wanted to know my stats- 4.0 gpa, 7 ap classes with all As, 1320 SAT, good rec letters, multiple leadership positions and consistent community service activities.

I called admissions as my daughter was accepted with no money. I was told PC giving out much less merit this year… bummer

I applied ED Nov. 15th, as it was my absolute top choice, maybe ‘dream’ school.

I got rejected because they couldn’t help me financially even though an admissions counselor told me I was fine and that I should just apply and try.
I wasted $60 for the application, $50+ for test services to send my reports faster and also paid for my portfolio (don’t really remember how much it was).

Pretty mad at the fact that they can know if they can’t offer any/enough aid just by looking at how much you can afford.
Basically wasted money, time, and ED opportunity and a lot of effort to apply to this school. Also confused by how unprofessional the process was…

(It doesn’t make any actual difference but my rejection letter said I applied EA; a tiny typo like or error this just looks like nobody cared about my application haha)