Provisional Contract: Maintaining a 3.0 GPA in a-g courses

<p>Hey guys, on the provisional admissions contract, when it states that you must maintain a 3.0 UC GPA in a-g courses, does that not include the courses in the subjects that I have already fulfilled? For example, I am taking linear algebra right now but since I satisfied my three/four years math requirement long ago, does that mean the grade I get in the linear algebra course won’t be factored into my senior year UC GPA in a-g courses? (And I know that the g requirement are the courses in subject areas that were already fulfilled but I have fulfilled the g requirement long ago as well, so I was wondering if the linear algebra course may roll into the g course category).</p>

<p>Every a-g class that you indicated that you are taking and will take during Senior year on your application counts for the senior GPA.</p>

<p>@2018dad: Thank you so much for the reply! Whew. So in other words, even though I fulfilled all my a-f requirements, all the courses that I take that are the same subject as the a-f courses (like English, math, foreign language, science) will count for the senior year GPA, correct?</p>

<p>Yes. If the course/class qualifies as a-g, it’s counted for the Senior GPA. If you dropped, changed or have a D or F, let them know right away. UCSD’s Admission Director mentioned when he visited my D’s school mentioned that the number one reason that UCSD rescinded their decisions is because kids failed or dropped their Math class during their Seniors second semester.</p>