Proximity to downtown

<p>How far away is Loyola Chicago from Downtown Chicago/the Loop. How long does it take to get there using the red line or buses?</p>

<p>its not right near downtown. when i visited, we stayed downtown and it probably took at least 20 minutes to drive from downtown, and maybe more because of traffic</p>

<p>Loyola is closer to Evanston so naturally, the lake shore campus isn’t very near the part of the city you’re talking about, but, to me, Chicago is typically all city so I feel like its in the city. They have another campus, though. Downtown.</p>

<p>It takes about 20 minutes by EL. The station is at the entrance of campus, really easy and you a transit pass as part of all the tuition and fees you pay. There is also a shuttle between the two campuses</p>