proximity to ithaca mall?

<p>how far away is ithaca mall from the campus?
is it within walking distance, or does one need to take a bus?</p>

<p>you can walk there depending on how long you are used to walking.</p>

<p>otherwise its like a 15-20 minute bus ride</p>

<p>during the semester it's usually too cold/snowy/time-consuming to walk there. the bus is really quite straightforward, though, and freshmen ride free.</p>

<p>free ride, sweet :D</p>

<p>Good to know, I assumed the bus passes for freshmen were for on-campus travel. What's actually useful at Ithaca mall, by the way? Is there really a need to go there even semi-regularly?</p>

<p>no, but it's a nice place to go sometimes.</p>

<p>Target, best buy, radio shack, movie theater, sears, video game store, spencer's gifts, etc.</p>

<p>the bus passes apply to all TCAT routes. they go all over the county, with a particular concentration around Ithaca of course. they're nice buses, imo, and they all have bike racks on the front!
some people in the past have not been too crazy about the Ithaca mall, but I like it even after growing up with access to Carousel Center (the so-called "Syracuse mall"). here are a few of the stores that I appreciate the most: Best Buy, Target, Borders, Dick's, AC Moore, Old Navy. there's also a substantial movie theater there where you can see any recently-released movie. and Tops (a supermarket) is in the same general plaza so you can walk over there if you want to grab food too.</p>

<p>It's a quick bus ride, not so close for walking, but as they said, free bus pass. It's really convenient to go there for Target, to get food and stuff</p>

<p>^you're saying that like the only reason to go to the mall is to go to target..</p>

<p>there is also a movie theater. the only movie theater pretty much</p>

<p>hey, i like target. much more useful than a movie theater.

<p>you guys can check this website to see what they have:
Welcome</a> to The Shops at Ithaca Mall</p>

there is also a movie theater. the only movie theater pretty much


<p>Meh. Much better movies at The Straight and Cinemapolis.</p>

<p>^that's quite subjective. I've seen more Cornell Cinema movies than I've seen Ithaca mall movies, but sometimes I just want to see the big new release.</p>

but sometimes I just want to see the big new release.


<p>Then you can go to the mall. But in terms of quantity and quality of movies, it's hard to beat the Straight or Cinemapolis. Very few cities in the country can compare.</p>