PR's 11 SAT Test accuracy?

<p>ok, so will PR 11 Practice tests help out? I mean, people say to only take CB tests, but will this help raise my 2090? I got 710M, 710W, and 670CR. Should I use this book's tests as supplements to any CB materials I have?</p>

<p>PR"s CR is worthless, it's way too difficult. I usually scored around 750+ on college board CR sections, and only around 650 on PR's Cr sections. Math and Writing are good though, if you have no other resources left.</p>

<p>^but do the harder q's help at all? I mean, are they the same q's that CB would ask....except harder versions of them? I'm asking because I only have 3 CB tests left so I don't know if I should use up my QAS tests...I have only 7 or so, or if I should just use PR 11 practice Tests untimed to really understand right vs. wrong answers and reach my target score. Then I plan to use the last few in the PR 11 Pract test book to still reach my target score, but by then do it timed. Then finally, I want to move onto CB and QAS to work on getting my target score under the limit.</p>

<p>Will PR 11 practice tests help with this plan? Sorry for the terrible writing, I'm really tired.</p>

<p>^It may work for you, it most likely did nothing for me. I'll PM you if I find my June SAT score went up compared to my last practice test.</p>

<p>I felt as if the PR questions were hoodwinking me in every question.</p>