PR's 11 SAT Test accuracy?

<p>Hiya guys, I'm sorta new to SAT because I've been studying for the ACTs, so I went out to buy PR's 11 SAT Test and got a 1910-2110 range. So I was wondering... How accurate is this PR book? I sorta took it cold so I thought I would have scored way worse. So if anyone can tell me how accurate this book is, thanks.</p>

<p>Definitely go out and buy the blue book SAT (It has 8 REAL practice tests made by the makers of the SAT), which has the most accurate SAT practice tests in my opinion. Oh, and also to supplement that go download the practice test that the gives you for free. It is a previously administered SAT (2005).</p>

<p>Well... um.. but is it easier or harder?</p>

<p>MUCH HARDER FOR SURE....11 PRACTICE TESTS BY PRINCETON REVIEW is real tough....i usually score around 2000 in those and usually 2200 in the SAT QAS...</p>

<p>the only difference though would be math sections. the math section in PR is incredibly complex and time goes by flying</p>

<p>Are you serious?? thanks ;P The math is what I did best on too :D</p>

<p>I thought PR was much harder too only I had trouble with the critical reading sections. It was ridiculously difficult. Princeton Review is ridiculously silly...I know PR updates the books every so often, but they published their first 11 tests book before the New SAT ever came out...before CB's study guide every came out!</p>

<p>hmmm... i better get this book.</p>

<p>haha the great thing about PR 11 is, is that it's harder than blue book (the math sections are interesting(er) than BB) and the critical reading passages/SC are tougher, while at the same time, it's not as bad as barrons which makes you want to give up on life.</p>

<p>Lol... do you call a 590 in CR interesting? .. way too hard.... Gotta work on CR more.</p>

<p>yeah, did anyone else think that the practice tests in Barron's "How to Prepare for the SAT 2008" were so difficult to the point that the tests didn't really appear to be/feel like an SAT while you were taking them?</p>

<p>anything that isn't made by ETS makes me feel like it's not like the SAT.</p>

<p>the math is so mcuh harder on the PR 11, im not sure about the CR, but i think writin is a lil harder but more accurate than the math..</p>

<p>as i said earlier.. the harder the better.. just not barrons cuz that is too hard.</p>

<p>im gonna take barrons after pr and bb. then after barrons i'm gonna take the qas</p>

<p>Is Barron's critical reading workbook acurate? or too easy? or too hard?</p>

<p>I thought Barron's CR workbook was pretty accurate to the real thing...</p>

<p>Everything for barron is too hard.</p>

<p>How about Cliff?</p>

<p>PR 11 tests book is pretty tough. I dont know about writing, and math. They are pretty easy. But i dont know about critical reading. CR was really hard for me.
People told me that PR is fairly easy, but i dont know about CR.
Thankfully many people are saying it's hard. THat's gudd</p>

<p>I don't know why everyone always finds the PR math sections harder than the real thing. I think it's the opposite. I find the real SAT math sections to be a lot harder. The PR sections don't have those 2-3 bad questions at the end of every section that the real SAT has.</p>