PSAT '09 Form S Official Thread


<p>I'll start:</p>

<p>I thought the first CR was hard, the second CR was relatively easy.
Math and Writing were pretty easy too.</p>

<p>Was the answer for one of the CR SC questions oracular?</p>

<p>1253729: yes</p>

<p>I thought all of the CR was very easy and answered all (I'm thinking 75+ for me, possibly 80)
Math was pretty easy, but I'm horrible at math. i had too skip like 3-4 questions in all, so I'm praying for a 65+
Writing... as usual, not enough time as I like to have, but still not bad. answered all. probably 75+</p>

<p>Sweet deal. My last question. What was the "factitious" question? Was it a sentence completion or was it a passage based question?</p>

<p>what does roll mean?</p>

<p>what do you mean the factituous question?</p>

<p>I said catalogue for roll</p>

<p>It was sentence completion -- the same one that you put oracular for. </p>

<p>I thought the first CR was a lot harder than the second one. I'm guessing anywhere from 1-4 wrong.</p>

<p>I thought math was pretty easy.</p>

<p>Writing is anywhere from 0-3 wrong.</p>

<p>i thought the 2nd CR was way harder...unless ur referring to the vocab</p>

<p>i'm confused... oracular? what?</p>

<p>I put catalog for "roll" as well. I was torn between that and page, but choose catalog.</p>

<p>oracular was the answer to the one about the uncanny scientist i think...</p>

<p>There was a SC that went something like this:</p>

<p>"Because of his uncanny ability to predict things correctly, his friends viewed his predictions as __________."</p>

<p>And the choices were factitious and oracular. Oracular was the right answer.</p>

<p>I put circumspect... darn!!!!!! well that's one wrong</p>

<p>i put something about it being convenient for the eyes...
yeah sry im being really vague...i cant remember</p>

<p>No. For the light and wavelength question, I put something like it showed how our eyes can perceive it. (The wording may be way off; I don't exactly remember it.)</p>

<p>EDIT: agreed awesome math. I put the same thing down.</p>

<p>is it possible to miss one in CR and still get full score?</p>

<p>yeah I put the eyes perceiving answer too...
for the hat question (with Morgan and his daughter) was it:
She is embarrased by the way he dresses?
or she controls him in public situations?
I picked the first one...</p>

<p>i put embarrassed</p>

<p>I put emarrased by the way he dresses.</p>

<p>Maybe. But at worse -1 on the CR will be like 78. So, it won't kill you.</p>