PSAT -199 (96 percentile) Commended Scholar?

<p>Any chance of making Commended Scholar with a 199 this year? Last year the cutoff was 201 or something...</p>

<p>Definitely not. The 96th percentile ranges from about 199-202, plus or minus 1 point. Commended is given almost always to 201-202</p>

<p>Thats what I was scared of. Too bad, I'm really disappointed, only got a 69 on Math :(</p>

<p>chachaseeds - Please read your 2011 "Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT." Page 6 gives information about the percentile from which the Commended students are identified ("generally within the 96th percentile"). The 96th percentile may span a number of composite scores.</p>

<p>Without having all the statistical data that the NMC has at its disposal, my very own personal opinion is that this year, a 199 may be too close to call "not Commended" this early in the process. At any rate, the score is awesome, and the test-taker should be proud.</p>

<p>I was commended this past year...
Trust me when I say that it is a useless honor.
Don't stress about it</p>

<p>do you need good grades to be commended???
i have a 207, 98 percentile
but 3.49 weighted, i think about 3.2-3.3 weighted :( i slacked off BADLY freshman and soph year...</p>

<p>My friend was commended last year. It means NOTHING.</p>

<p>National Merit Commended is basically just a plaque to hang on your wall. If you get between a 201 and a 216 or whatever it is in your state for SF, they designate you "Commended". Your principal finds out, shakes your hand, and gives you a plaque. It doesn't mean ANYTHING.</p>

<p>Hm. I had no idea plaques were involved, my apologies. (Plaque = legit award ;) )
Yes, I'm being facetious.</p>

<p>But in all seriousness, do NMSFs and NMFs get plaques too? From their schools? From NMSC? (I have an unusual schooling situation, so unless the plaque came from NMSC I'd likely not get one)</p>