PSAT 2022 Test centers

I am looking for test centers/high schools that are willing to take juniors from other high schools (if their school district is not offering them). Looking around San Jose, CA

Best option is to go on the College Board’s public search and try some nearby cities. You’ll have to contact the schools yourself to see if they’re accepting non-students — there’s not a master list of those, unfortunately.

If you’re looking to take the PSAT primarily for National Merit eligibility, it is possible to be eligible on SAT scores instead via Alternate Entry. It’s considered somewhat easier to be a NMSF through Alternate Entry than the normal method, but it’s only for students who couldn’t take the PSAT.

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Given that NM requires a confirming SAT score following a qualifying PSAT, alternate entry can indeed be easier and less stressful. One student told my S that he didn’t take the PSAT for this reason. So, if your school district isn’t even offering PSATs, alternate entry can be a good choice. I would suggest taking some practice tests to see how things go.

With the fiasco during COVID (DE’s 224 cutoff), the ability to enter via Alternate Entry has become much more difficult. A genuine situation - illness, natural disaster, etc - is fine, but requires supporting documentation. “I just skipped the PSAT so I could use my SAT score” doesn’t work as it did in the last few years.

I suspect “my school doesn’t offer it” is acceptable.

I believe the College Board did this just for 2022 because of Covid related impact to PSAT test administration. I am not sure they will do it again broadly for 2023 - but they may provide an exception if the school doesn’t offer the exam.