PSAT - can we put it in somewhere?

Hi, i was wondering if in our applications we can show our PSAT score. The reason im wondering is because i got a 2400 on the PSAT and then a 1560 SAT score… It doesn’t go in the test score section and its obviously not an activity or honor, so im at a loss. Do colleges see it anyway? Can i squeeze it in anywhere? Please help a bro out : )

<p>no, they don't see it, but no... I don't think you should put it in. It's silly, and it makes you seem desperate. Your SATs reflect your most recent scores in the exam - and that's definitely enough, and in fact, I think it may be to your advantage not to showcase a possible drop in your score. Congratulations on your 240 - you're obviously a semi-finalist, and that you SHOULD put on your college resumes.</p>

<p>Did u already get your score for the PSAT? Isnt everyone suppose to get their scores in December or something?</p>

<p>Colleges only care about your PSAT if you made Commended, National Merit , National Achievement or National Hispanic. Otherwise, the PSAT doesn't matter. What colleges care about is the SAT, SAT II and ACT scores. </p>

<p>If you put your PSAT score on your application, you'll only seem desperate. Your SAT score is enough.</p>