Hi everyone!! I couldn’t really find any threads for the class of 2017 about PSAT scores, which were released today. Use this thread if you have any estimation about National Merit cutoff, score analysis, or want to discuss your score in general!

Hi! I hope I did well, haha. I got a 1300 (96th percentile) and my Selection Index was a 197. Hopefully I’ll at least make it to National Hispanic Scholar.

Heard Tennessee’s cutoff will be around 198-202 for NMS, compared to 212 last year.

1400 and Selection Index 211-- thoughts on Semifinalist qualification for NY? According to this, you’d need a 206 in NY? Congrats! What percentile is 1400?

Will a SI of 207 be enough to qualify in Iowa?

I really hope you’re right @mgajosh

I made a 1480, and that was in the 99th percentile nationally. Does that mean it’s certain that I quality for NM?

1450/215 in CA I am so screwed

@sb2017 nothing is certain. It all depends on your selection index. We don’t know state cutoffs yet. If you live in a competitive state, your status could be a toss up.

1480/1520 in CA with selection index of 219, hoping for the best :slight_smile:

Will a 1470, 221 SI make semifinalist in CALIFORNIA (CA)?

My selection index was a 223, but what does that mean and why does it matter?

@sb2017 Your selection index is very high and you will likely meet NMSF. It only matters for this scholarship contest- your scores do not go to colleges. What it also tells you is that you will likely score very high on the new SAT, so you should plan on taking it. Congrats!

All, if someone is compiling scores - I thought I would share mine:

221 SI, total score 1480.
5x English (SI 36), 1x, Writing (SI 37), 3x Math (SI 37.5)

I try not to dwell on the fact that if we had 1 more correct on writing the total SI would be 223. Writing was brutal in scoring.

We are in a New England boarding school so the cutoff that needs to be met would be the HIGHEST cutoff (usually NJ, DC, etc…) Last year the cutoff was 225 on the 240 scale. I’m not sure how it will pan out this year, but hoping 221 would be enough.

223 SI, total 1480
reading 38
writing 37
math 36.5
also in state that had highest cut off rate last year (225).
Hoping cutoff comes down!

@Ketchup1, I think you’re in good shape. The max score is 228, so 223 is likely to be good anywhere, but anything is possible in the highest cut off states, so no guarantees until September. But, if it were me, I’d definitely have a “NM college plan” AND a “not NM college plan” until you hear for sure. Ugh!

Will a 1470, 221 SI make semifinalist in CALIFORNIA (CA)?

Wow this thread is stressing me out…
I only got a 1350 with an SI of 204, and I thought I did well… :-/

For anyone else from Massachusetts, I got a 1480 with a 222 selection index. I used concordance tables to find my index from last year which was 224, and the cut off last year was 223. So, I’m guessing Mass. cut off will be somewhere 220-222. Probably similar for other top states like New Jersey, and California. Just thought I’d share my findings! :slight_smile: