**PSAT Discussion Thread 2015**

My daughter said the English part was easy but in math she run out of time and she felt “drowned” by all the small calculations. Concept wise she felt the problems were fine.

I don’t recall any problem in the non-calc section that take a lot of time except for the last one about the book.

The questions in the calculator portion killed me and I ended up running out of time… I felt though if I had had some more time I would have done better.

I ran out of time for the reading section, but the proctor started 3 minutes late and didn’t adjust the ending time. However, she accidentally gave us an extra 3 minutes for grammar, so I suppose it worked out (although I would’ve much preferred the other way around). Expecting -4 math (calculator/non calculator combined), -0 grammar, and -3 reading. Hope that’s just enough for NMS.

When are scores released?

my S also said reading was tougher but other sections are easy.

I finished all the portions early and didn’t check. Good thing I’m not a junior #:-S I found the English portion pretty easy and most of the math hard.

Remember though everyone, I belie this year’s NMSQ is based on the “selection index” and not the actual score

English/writing and math = easy
Reading = hard

I like the new one better? Felt like questions were easier than the old psat? Anybody agree?

English/writing and math = easy
Reading = hard

I like the new one better? Felt like questions were easier than the old psat? Anybody agree?

My thoughts:

Reading was pretty easy. A couple of the questions had two answer choices that were really similar in meaning.

English was fine. No real trickiness. I could have missed a couple because of careless mistakes though.

Math without calculator was surprisingly super easy for me… I finished with about 5 minutes left and had time to check. I can see some people struggling with all of the little calculations.

Math with calculator was fairly simple. I knew how to do all of them, but I think I made a couple calculation mistakes.

Overall: Easier than last year. I think each section was allotted more than enough time. None of the math questions were really difficult in terms of concepts, only calculations.

Reading was particularly bad. Required more inference/synthesis than one can expect on a critical reading exam. The rest was ridiculously straightforward, fair, and followed the pattern that one can typically anticipate for any standardized grammar/math section.

Tbh this is what it felt like for me

Reading- Way harder than the released PSAT Practice test
Writing- Same difficulty
Math- Easier, but took more time. I had two blank in the last few seconds and I guessed them

I guess we can’t discuss questions. Maybe we’ll worry less without seeing how many we’ve missed lol. Either way, good luck everybody and I hope we all get NMS status in December. Is it confirmed that scores are coming out in December, and if so, beginning or end?

I was actually surprised to see so many people in this thread complaining about the reading section. Reading Comprehension is typically my lowest score, but I found the reading passages significantly easier to understand and faster to work through than past SATs and even the school-provided PSAT practice test.

Math and writing were easy for me and closely resembled the practice test IMO. I was able to check through math some as I finished with ample time on both sections.

I will say that I actually appreciate how the new PSAT/SAT presents each category (reading, writing, no-calc math, calc math) one after the other in four individual sections rather than mixing them up arbitrarily into 8 or so as they did with the old test. I found I was able to focus better and mentally organize my testing agenda in a simple, straightforward way. I’d like to hear if anyone else had the same experience.

is there a raw score to scaled score conversion for the new psat yet? Like based on how many you got wrong in each section you can figure out what your estimated score is?

@12istheanswer I agree. I really like the new sat, despite all the controversy it’s generated. It has the best of both act and old sat: no vocab words, less strict time limits than act, act section organization, essay design seems legit, and (best of all) no science section!

No @kkpanu9 It’s going to be a long two months

Personally, I don’t want to risk the college board’s wrath, so I will refrain from discussing any questions on this site or elsewhere. I wish everybody the best of luck.

I’m also really surprised at the lack of posts in this thread compared to last year. PSAT discussions were literally so rampant in social media and forums then, so it’s really weird no one is talking about it this year; I’d also suggest you guys not discuss them just in case…anyways, I’m sure you all scored well :)!