**PSAT Discussion Thread 2015**

Less than two weeks away… Other than that one practice test, how else are y’all preparing?

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I’m a junior who just took the SAT yesterday, October the 3rd. I studied a lot for it, and I’m hoping that the skills I learned for it can’t just be exclusive to that test itself, right? My school gave us a practice test packet on paper, so I’ll be taking that next week.

Curious, does anyone know the new cutoff for recognition (NOT Semifinalist) for the new PSAT? Like what do I need to score to fall into the top 5%? Thanks!

I bought Barron’s PSAT study book, so I’m planning on going through that in the next week and a half.

8 and a half hours left for me :slight_smile:

Good luck guys! I really want National Merit but I’ll just try my best :).

My school told me about this 1 day ago. I never got study materials. It starts in 8 hours for me. Last year I got an 1890. Don’t know if that’s any good, but I hope I can get the merit thing.

Best of luck today!

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Dropped the boys off at the testing center, we were almost an hour early. Not as much traffic as I feared. They should be taking the test as I post.

The room that I took it in was FREEZING.

I finished a section early and was bored so I decided to draw a cat. Its eyes looked like those of a demon. I started to draw the body and it looked like a turtle shell. So I filled in the details and wrote, “You ask for my Social Security number, I give you Demon Turtle Cat! U mad, College Board?”

It made me laugh WAAAAAY too hard.

What did everyone think of the no calculator Math section?

It was easy.

Re: post #10… Did the students need to provide their social security numbers? I know my son has no idea.

@uwalummom it’s optional my boys don’t know their SS #s either.

Anyone have national merit cut off predictions?? My score on the practice test was around a 211 but I don’t feel that I did that well so I may have made a mistake scoring!

WOW, I just had the biggest tweak of my life. I was finished with the math calculator section like 15 minutes esrly so I was just checking my work from the first question. Then with like 2 minutes left I realized that I didn’t have answeres bubbled in to the last 2 multiple choice questions. That’s weird, I thought. So I looked back in the book and realized I had never seen those questions! I had completely skipped the last page!! So I just bubbled in like B for both without having time to even read the questions.

Im honestly still in shock. Standardized tests have always been a strong suit of mine, and I was fairly confident I could get national merit commended or semifinalist. Im so dissapointed right now.

Anyway there’s nothing I can do about it now. My question is what is the highest score for the math section I can get with 2 incorrect? I am pretty confident I got all the others, calculator and noncalculator, correct.

Both my boys agreed the math was conceptually easier than the practice test but computationally more difficult because there were more “small numbers” I asked for clarification on that and was told that there were too many answers/problems with decimals @-) They both also thought the reading was a little more difficult but not by much. Both think they did well and think that they did better on this test than the practice test. Youngest son mentioned that in the future he needs to work faster because although he had time to finish every section be didn’t have enough time to double check all his math.

Youngest son also said the math was “way easier than Khan” he’s only in 8th grade but needs the PSAT for is high school application. He was really worried about the math even though I’d told him repeatedly that no one expects a an 8th grader to ace a test designed for 10th and 11th graders. He came out of the test with a very positive attitude and felt good about how well he felt he had done which was not the case when he took the practice test.


@CCuser528 no one knows that yet but on the practice test which may not be the same as the real thing you could miss one and still get a perfect score, missing two or three is a 750 for the total math score.