Psat Math = To Satii Math Ic Or Iic??

<p>Hey everyone I just took the PSAT today, and I could do the math easily, but I was wondering if the PSAT math section was similar to the SATII MATH IC OR IIC?????</p>

<p>Any one know??</p>

<p>I really appreciate it</p>


<p>I C almost exactly, because it now adopts some algebra 2 stuff that was also contained in I C.</p>

<p>Math 1C take it if you're in algebra 2 or geometry
Math 2C take it if you're in algebra 2, precalc, or calc...although i would recommend that you should take the Math 2c if you're in algebra 2 since there's more algebra on it than precalc...and to counter any calc that you may find, use Princeton review. Also, the curve is more generous if you take the 2c exam. (90th percentile is 800 in 2c)</p>

<p>i disagree i think that there is a substantial difference from math 1c to math 2c to sat math. i think sat math is most like the psat. with tutoring i would expect u to stay in a range of withing +50 of ur psat score if lets say 70X10 so i would say ull prob get like a 750. the math 1c is good as everyone say for algebra. but although math 2c has huge curve it still is tough and trig. is huge. DO NOT TAKE IF U HAVE NOT TAKEN PRE-CALC. even with the big curve if u get a 750 on the math 2c ur percentile is not at all high def. below 90 possibly in the low 80s.</p>