PSAT: National Merit?

<p>Hi, I've just got the envelope that I'm a National Merit Semi-finalist (including some offer to recommend me to 2 colleges of my choice). </p>

<p>I was just wondering what this whole thing is useful for. Would colleges give credit for if I were a National Merit semi-finalist, or even a finalist? Or is it just that I get a nice amount of scholarship money if I win the prize, so to say? (Which I do desparately need, cause my parents can't really help me, not even with a loan from them to me. I don't have that much saved up either, cause I didn't realize how much they couldn't help me. -_-;)</p>

<p>Hey, I got the letter too, but in no way does it mean at this early stage that you or I are semi-finalists. We don't get to find that all out until atleast August or September. But congrats so far on making the first step, and choose the 2 colleges you send this information to wisely.</p>

<p>syneria, congratulations. There are many, many threads on this subject. A search for national merit info on CC would be very beneficial to you right now. Also go to the National Merit website for an explanation of the competition if you do not already understand the process. </p>

<p>There are many scolarships out there for National Merit finalists. There are lesser and fewer scholarships for semi-finalists. But they do exist.</p>

<p>National merit finalists can get free rides or at least full tuition at about a hundred schools nation wide. But not at the ivy league schools. Someone compiled a list which can easily be found here if you search. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>Really? Someone or more than one person was/were telling me that it indicated that we're semi-finalists? Maybe I heard wrong, maybe the person knew wrong.</p>

<p>EDIT: Btw, I did get in the top 1% the last time I checked my PSAT scoresheet...</p>

<p>(: Thanks Islandmom. Will check them out.</p>

<p>Are you left handed? :) And you're welcome.</p>


<p>Receiving the notice indicates that you are either a semifinalist or a commended student (the step below semifinalist). Since the score required for semifinalist varies from state to state and has probably not even been determined yet, there is no way you could be sure of that yet (unless you received a perfect score, of course!).</p>

<p>Good luck to you!</p>

<p>I got the letter, too. Basically it means that just what it says: you have made the list of top 50,000 highest scorers who took the PSATs. You will not get notified as to whether or not you are a semi-finalist (one of hte top 34,000 performers) until September -like the letter says. Congratulations to all though!</p>