PSAT NMSF cutoff scores for class of 2010

<p>when will they be released?</p>

<p>there is a rumor that 210 was it for TX... is it possible to go down that much? (last year = 215) i really hope so because i did much worse than i did last year: 211 (vs. 215) =/</p>

<p>It usually doesn't change more than +/- 3 points, so I doubt it.</p>

<p>No one.... absolute NO ONE... will know the cutoffs for NMSF for the class of 2010 until next fall when the letters go out. You can get a feel for the statistical range of the state cutoffs based on previous years but nothing will be known for certain until the fall.</p>

<p>Do counselors know ahead of time?</p>

<p>nope, i dont think even counselors will know ahead of time because the score cutoffs wont be announced until fall. I really wish they do tho!!</p>

<p>Nah counselors don't know any earlier than we do, except maybe a week or so.</p>