PSAT NMSQT Qualifying score for 2020

Not sure the right forum to post this question. Got PSAT score this morning and my DD got 221 Selection Index score. We’re from GA and seems 219 was cutoff score for 2020 Semifinalists. Wonder whether they will set bar high this year from 2020 or lower due to pandemic.

She will be right in the cusp and it will depend on the curve. Last year’s curve was brutal, so the qualifying scores were lower than normal. GA seems to float in the 219-222 range. I would keep an eye here for predictions. Art usually comes out with good data:

Thanks. What year was it 222 cutoff for? I’m looking in to last 4 yrs it seems was from 219 to 221.

Georgia hasn’t been 222 in at least 13 years. (apparently the word cOmpas5prep is banned by CC. Search “Historical National Merit Cutoffs 2008 to Present”. )

Since the new PSAT format was released, GA has been 219, 220, 220, and 219.

Last year’s number were skewed by what appears to have been a scaling/equating issue at CB, but I wouldn’t expect this year’s number to bounce back past 220.

With her score of 221, the cutoff would need to raise to 222 - I just don’t see that happening.

Art at CP has already opined on the Coronavirus impact expectations, and it’s consistent with the above.

" We know that scores for the class of 2021 were unusually low because of a flawed test form, so we would normally expect a “bounce-back” in cutoffs this coming year. Overall, I am expecting modest improvements in §SAT score that will not necessarily be consistent from state to state."

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art at CP? who is that? Link please?

Neverminded I got it. it’s on C o m p a s s