Psat Official Thread

<p>Psat Official Thread
Psat Official Thread
Psat Official Thread</p>

<p>um, generally a thread is better off when started with an actual topic....</p>

<p>^^^^ Agreed.</p>

<p>anyone have a site or pdf file of an old PSAT?...i have the psats tomorrow and I just want to do one before I take it tomorrow</p>

<p>Yeah, same as ru4real. I'd like to know if I can have a pdf file or site of an old psat. I have it tomorrow too.</p>

<p>Good luck guys.</p>

<p>Hey good luck, make sure to reREAD every math question and make sure you answer the question that it ASKS you in the problem... not what you think it will ask...cuz like every problem on math you get wrong will cost you a LOT.</p>

<p>Why is the curve for M so harsh though?
If you miss one in either CR or W you still have an 80, but for M it is a 76!</p>

<p>last year it was a 77 i think.</p>

<p>last year I got 1 wrong in math and got a 760 and 2 wrong on the CR and got a 750...</p>

<p>good luck kids</p>

<p>Good luck you guys. don't spend too much time on one question! all of them are worth the same...just be confident. you'll do great.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>good luck have fun... actually i found the PSAT fun :D.</p>

<p>good luck to all (not in my state that is)</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone as well. This one counts (for me at least).</p>

<p>test starts 7:00am tommorow! Maybe I should sleep early..</p>

<p>7AM? Starts at 8:30 for us. Anyways, good luck to everyone. I'm sleeping at around 10-10:30 tonight. Gotta get a good 8 hours. Best of wishes to everyone.</p>

<p>good luck guys</p>

<p>Good luck guys</p>

<p>Ugh I have one that counts this Saturday. Maybe it'll be easier then the one on wendsday like last year lol</p>

<p>Enough of the DANG "good luck." Sorry, to be a party pooper, but it is just repetative. Anyways, you can't count on luck to become a merit scholar; you better know your stuff before hand.</p>