PSAT Online Scores

On the college board website it says PSAT scores are released online in December, but they haven’t said anything about it. Does anyone know when they are coming?

I thought that they sent them to your school for distribution but maybe things have changed.

I’m pretty sure that they come out a little later in December, maybe around the 13th (It was something similar to that last year)

So I called them, so for anyone else interested, they said they would send out access codes through email around the 13th and scores are released the 15th. Or at least that’s what I heard.

@southbear did they say the scores would probably be released on the 15th or they only said that the codes would go out on the 13th? I had heard that scores would be released on the 12th-13th (can’t remember where). Just trying to get solid confirmation on when the scores would be loaded to the site.

I’ve heard that they’re being released online on the 12th, and that your school receives them a day or two beforehand

It says about 2 months after your test date on their website, so I’m expecting them on the 15th.

The new scale makes them less informative, we don’t have similarly scaled prior year nmsf state cutoffs for comparison.

@nw2this agree… It’s going to be a disaster interpreting them. The scales are different than last year, different than the new SAT and the Test is entirely new. I think we need to focus on number wrong. Does the PSAT ever release what the results are as a range for all testers? Meaning 50% scored below this, top 5% is this…

Yes they give a national percentile on the score report
Here’s a sample score report

@3scoutsmom Thanks - but that national percentile weights reading/writing (50%) + math (50%) equally, whereas the selection index for NMS uses reading+writing+math (1/3, 1/3, 1/3). I guess If my kid shows up with a national percentile of 98-99% (top 2%, right), on the score report, it will be a good sign, but not really as telling as it would be if they showed the national percentiles for selection index. Or am I reading it wrong?

I doubt they’ll release the percentiles for the selection index. The only one that cares about the selection index is National Merit and they don’t have a great record of sharing info, that’s why it’s such a guessing game each year figuring out the cut off for each state. Looking at the national percentiles is the best (only?) predictor of a possible chance since we don’t even have a historically cut off for this new test.


Won’t there be an asterisk next to the selection index if you didn’t qualify for NM, and vice-versa?

@JuicyMango The asterisk does not take into account the score, I don’t believe. It shows if you don’t qualify based on the other requirements (age, number of years in high school, citizenship, etc…)

The asterisk indicates if you are eligible or not. If you are ineligible, that means you aren’t a junior or you otherwise won’t be eligible for some other reason. It has no bearing on your qualification for NM.

Ah thanks for the info. Well that’s a bummer…it takes 2 months to get your score, and then I think you find out if you qualified in January which is in forever -_-.

I don’t think percentiles will help. My D’s 10th grade scores were 99th for 10th graders and 98th for 11 graders, but her score was still not high enough for nmsf in most states. So I think all nmf are 99th percentile, but not all 99th percentile are nmf.

January? Aren’t NMSF announced in September?

Yep, September.

@nw2this Because your daughter’s score was in the 98th percentile for 11th graders, she didn’t qualify since you have to be in the 99th percentile of 11th graders. Plus, she’s a 10th grader so her scores don’t count.