PSAT percentiles in Texas

<p>I am trying to figure out the lowest PSAT score (on the 2008 PSAT) that still falls within the 99th percentile in Texas. I found some information showing that a 212 is 99 percentile nationally. Based on my child's national and state percentiles, I figure Texas scores are at least one point lower than national scores. </p>

<p>Anyone out there have a score in the 98th or 99th percentile in Texas? I'm sure 212 is 99th percentile in Texas. What about 211? 210?</p>

<p>Traditionally the merit cutoff in texas is 215. 212 seems a little low for the national average, and I know it's definitely lower than the cutoff will be. I would guess anywhere from 215-217. Sorry...</p>

<p>the national merit cutoff i think is 99.5 percentile, while the OP asked about the 99 percentile.</p>

<p>Oh. I always thought NMSF cutoff was 99 percent.</p>

<p>I think my child may be safe for semifinalist, because he got a 217, which is the highest Texas has ever been in the past several years (215 was the cutoff the past 2 years). His 217 is 99 percentile nationally and in Texas. The online data is clear that as low as a 212 is 99 percentile nationally. I think lower than a 212 should be 99 percentile in Texas. I'm just trying to get a little extra information to try to guess what the cutoff might be for the 2010 grads. So if anyone out there got 99 or 98 percentile in Texas, I would just like to know what selection index score they got. Hope that makes sense!</p>

<p>Oh, right. Congrats 217 should definitely get in =)</p>

<p>I live in texas and got 99th percentile but I got a 225 so that doesn't really help...</p>

<p>225 is a great score! Congratulations.</p>