PSAT prediction score

<p>please predict ur psat score; tell us ur state's last year national merit cutoff and the commended cutoff scores.</p>

<p>i'm from texas whose last year national merit cutoff score was 216, and 202 for commended</p>

<p>my own prediction is
total = 210</p>

<p>i think i will fall into the commended range!</p>

<p>2005 Cutoff index, #of semi. finalist, # commended::::2004 cutoff index, # semi, # Commended </p>

<p>AL,210,233,226::::208,247,201, </p>

<p>AK,211,40,51::::210,39,43, </p>

<p>AZ,211,271,339::::212,222,375, </p>

<p>AR,202,158,16, </p>

<p>CA,216,1869,4338::::216,1913,4509, </p>

<p>CO,213,234,448::::211,243,430, </p>

<p>CT,220,184,821::::219,207,904, </p>

<p>DE,220,184,821::::217,40,120, </p>

<p>FL,214,688,1390::::214,690,1457, </p>

<p>GA,217,378,1076::::214,398,904, </p>

<p>HA,216,68,191::::214,73,156, </p>

<p>ID,208,96,72::::204,92,46, </p>

<p>IL,216,694,1752::::214,726,1676, </p>

<p>IN,212,344,577::::211,339,518, </p>

<p>IA,209,208,212::::207,206,179, </p>

<p>KS,214,177,354::::212,191,274, </p>

<p>KE,210,234,231::::210,231,255, </p>

<p>LA,209,254,217::::209,274,266, </p>

<p>ME,214,83,172::::211,79,134, </p>

<p>MD,222,331,1677::::222,325,1486, </p>

<p>MA,222,333,1668::::222,337,1771 </p>

<p>MI,210,591,632::::209,557,636, </p>

<p>MN,215,321,746::::212,366,606 </p>

<p>MS,203,154,21::::200,165,0, </p>

<p>MO,213,344,532::::212,353,511, </p>

<p>MT,207,67,56::::206,64,58, </p>

<p>NB,208,125,87::::205,125,98, </p>

<p>NV,207,89,57::::204,87,36, </p>

<p>NH,215,75,167::::213,71,150, </p>

<p>NJ,221,480,2170::::221,492,2275, </p>

<p>NM,209,108,92::::208,108,84, </p>

<p>NY,218,955,2901::::218,956,3069, </p>

<p>NC,216,387,955::::213,361,760, </p>

<p>ND,204,50,16::::202,53,10, </p>

<p>OH,214,675,1303::::212,723,1233, </p>

<p>OK,208,224,162::::206,222,141, </p>

<p>OR,214,184,368::::213,176,393, </p>

<p>PA,215,757,1603::::215,722,1840, </p>

<p>RI,211,55,94::::213,61,122, </p>

<p>SC,213,190,354::::211,206,296, </p>

<p>SD,205,54,26::::206,60,35, </p>

<p>TN,216,258,569::::213,273,520 </p>

<p>TX,216,1273,2810::::216,1248,2936, </p>

<p>UT,204,181,49::::200,196,0 </p>

<p>VA,219,413,1462::::219 </p>

<p>VT,213,42,97::::213,41,107, </p>

<p>WA,216,313,853::::214,350,755, </p>

<p>WV,202,108,9::::201,114,8, </p>

<p>WI,211,378,475::::209,373,419, </p>

<p>WY,203,35,10::::200,37,0, </p>

<p>D.C,222,85,215::::222,80,243, </p>

<p>Territories,202,30,3::::200,27,0 </p>

<p>Outside US,222,49,337::::222,45,344, </p>

<p>Total semifinalist: </p>

<p>2005: 16,146, Total commended: 35,985 </p>

<p>2004: 16,326. Total commended: 35,489.</p>

<p>thanks, serendipidous; but how do u know the data for 2005 already? the saturaday people haven't take their tests; where do you get these 2005 data?</p>

<p>The above are the qualifying indices for 2005 National Merit Program (Juniors who took PSAT in 2003). The cutoff index for commended students was 200. About 1.33 million students took the test in 2005 and 2005.</p>

<p>Wow, that's not a lot of commended people at all. In the entire STATE? That', if MA is at 222, I better get working at it again. </p>

<p>Critical Reading - I'm doing a lot better than last year in practice, but you never know if you're going to get a few more curveballs on the real thing. I think ~72 is a safe prediction.</p>

<p>Math - If all goes well, I should get an 80. Math has always been a strong point and I've completed Calculus, so...however, again, there could be a few curveballs and I could just be careless and screw up. It depends on if I get really unlucky with the questions...I'll guess a 76. </p>

<p>Writing - Haha, I got an 80 last year and was getting mid-low 60's on my practice exams. I'm in the 70's range this year on my practice exams, so I should get a 90? ;) Nah. I think it's a fair guess that I'm at least missing one, most likely more. I'll guess...74. </p>

<p>That adds up to exactly 222, I believe. Of course, I'm counting on my math score to be 80. I know I can do it, it'll make me really ticked off if I don't get an 80 in math...</p>

<p>I got 223 last year (66V, 77M, 80W).</p>

<p>Predicted: 200+
Sophomore: 153
Freshman: 152</p>

<p>Yes, I have studied better and kept inproving.</p>

<p>I think I got:</p>


<p>That'd be 226........yeah that seems about right. Hopefully that's how my score will come out.</p>

<p>Predictions for this Saturday:
72 CR
80 M
77 W (229 overall)</p>

<p>I'm setting the bar high- that way I can slip a little and still be fine.
PA: 215 for Semifinalist.</p>

<p>I lost that PSAT packet that was given to us a few weeks ago so I am not quite sure what range I will fall into. If someone could estimate my scores I would really appreciate it.
I think I missed 4 raw for cr, 6 raw math, and 5 raw writing</p>

<p>it seems like those cutoff scores have been going up quite a bit from last year. Has it been doing this all the time???? I really don't want my state to go up another 2 points. Will these scores balance out, or was this year just special</p>

<p>cr: 20
w: 20

<p>that way, no matter how bad i do i won't be disappointed
btw, my state went up 2 points from 2004 to 2005 also</p>

<p>The cut-off indices don't mean much, apparently, because more than a few people at my school scored above 203 (I live in MS) and they weren't even commended.</p>

<p>Since a lot of us have been asking about the table of scaled scores in the practice PSAT bulletin, I decided to scan it so everyone can have a look at it:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>CR- FAIL- mid 60's</p>

<p>Math-approx 5 wrong, 2 grid ins - high 60's - low 70's</p>

<p>Writing-low 70's</p>

<p>i kno i could have done a lot better, i dont usually miss math problems...</p>

<p>Yeah, I hope they take into consideration that we're basically the test guineas, sent nearly blindfolded into a new test format that even the test prep companies aren't entirely sure about. In other words, I hope their scaling is more lenient than this. Miss one math problem, wham! 77. Miss two - down to 74. </p>

<p>And as for the verbal; miss two and you have a 78, but miss three and you have a 74. If only everything were scalled like the Writing Test :P</p>

<p>Yeah, I agree. It'll probably be more lenient because it was harder than usual. But probably not because of the new format.</p>

<p>nevertheless, i do not want to see my score</p>

<p>yea, i would rather have them tell me whether or not i'm commended/national achievement/semi-finalist than to tell me my exact score</p>

<p>yea, and then if i actually am commended/na/semis, then i would want to see.</p>

<p>Thedude: Here are what your scores would be, according to the packet:</p>

<p>-4 raw CR: 74
-6 raw Math: 66
-5 raw Writing: 74</p>