PSAT Problems

<p>Alright, the NMSQT cutoffs on websites may be wrong. Commended was supposed to be 202 this year, however, somebody in my class got a 201 and made it. His name was called off. Yes, I'm sure it was a 201, I saw the actual score report.</p>

<p>Anybody with a 201 or a 200 somebody make it this year? This could prove my theory.</p>

<p>it's different in different states...calm down</p>

<p>of course some people with those scores will make it...
I'm a bit confused...are you angry they made it?</p>

<p>No, I am happy they made it. Good for them! It's good for everyone because the semi-finalist cutoffs will probably be lower.</p>

<p>This is commended, not semifinalist.</p>

<p>Yo, you got some kind of problem? Talking that way generally isn't appreciated. I don't know what you breathed into my words.</p>

<p>commended is national scored, semi-finalist cutoffs are by state</p>

<p>NJ here, and I got commended with a 201.</p>

<p>EDIT: Woops, I got a 208. Sorry about that..</p>

<p>Bump; this really isn't a joke. Seriously, did anyone else get a commended with a 200 or 201?</p>

<p>no, you needed at least a 203 to get it (i got a 204 and got it). There were a few kids in my school who got a 202 and DID NOT get it</p>

<p>sorry haz, didn't mean to be mean, just was confused....</p>