<p>I'm a sophomore now, and trying to plan out my testing schedule.</p>

<p>I took the SAT Bio as a freshman and got a 740.
This year I'm taking the SAT Chem on June 5. I hope to get a 760+. Just now, I got a 740 on the Sparknotes test I took. I've heard that sparknotes is harder, so do you think I have a good chance of getting a 770+ on the real one?</p>

<p>If I don't do well, I was thinking of re-taking the SAT Chem in October. However, this would change when I take SAT I. I want to study over the summer to increase my score 300 points from the sophomore PSAT.</p>

<p>I made these schedule considering midterms, IB exams, finals, etc . . </p>

<p>Schedule I: (Without retaking SAT II Chemistry)
October: PSAT
October: SAT first time
February: SAT second time
May/June: SAT II</p>

<p>Schedule II: (Retaking SAT II Chemistry)
October: PSAT
October: SAT Chemistry
November/December: SAT first time
February: SAT second time</p>

<p>Is the second schedule OK? Will my summer studying be "wasted" if I take the SAT a while later? </p>

<p>Also, do I need to have a humanities SAT II? Right now I'm planning on Biology, Chemistry, and Math II, and I'm definetly science-oriented. </p>

<p>Any input is welcome.</p>


<p>I'm aiming towards Ivy League colleges, and know that they have many competitive candidates, all with excellent scores.</p>

<p>If you get a 700+ I don't think it's worth retaking.</p>

<p>BUMP por favor</p>

<p>Well for Ivy's anything that is not an 800 is not up to bar, so if his goals are Ivy's he should retake.</p>

<p>Well, I just got 780/790 on the Princeton Review and the Barron's test I took, so I think I'll be okay. Any more comments on my timing dilemna?</p>