PSAT Score implication in Long Island University Letter...?!?

<p>I took the PSAT last month and just received an information thing in the mail from Long Island says congratulations on your performance on the PSAT, and "Because of your outstanding score, you have been considered for the National Merit Scholarhip program....."</p>

<p>Could this be true, and how would they know this? Arn't cutoffs not established until next year? Does National Merit Scholarship program include "Commended" or is this implying that I am a semifinalist?</p>

<p>Help please!!</p>

<p>bump, bumpity bump!</p>

<p>I think colleges get those notifications first, especially if you allowed to let your info to be sent to interested colleges.</p>

why didnt i get one</p>

<p><em>starts panicking</em></p>