PSAT Scores 2011

<p>Soooo, there's about a week left until the scores come out. What do you guys expect to get? Do you think you have a chance at NMSF? What score did you get last year?</p>

<p>Here's my predictions.</p>

<p>Math: 730-760
CR: 650-680
Writing: 660-710</p>

<p>Overall: 2040-2150</p>

<p>Last year's score: 1810 (lulz)</p>

<p>The cutoff for NMSF in my state is 2160ish, so I most
likely did not make it :(</p>

<p>Just an FYI, PSAT are out of 240, not 2400...</p>

<p>Yea but seriously guys, don't stress out about NMSF.</p>

<p>Even if you get it, it counts for little in admissions</p>

<p>@Sheep I am aware of that, but using the 240 scale always felt awkward to me since the reasoning and subject tests both use the 800 per section scale. I think most people understand what I meant anyways :P</p>

<p>@cortana True, but there are quite a few schools that give scholarships which are reserved purely for NM Scholars. This can play a big role when it comes to choosing your college if finances are a problem.</p>

<p>True, that wasn't a great post i made. If you're applying to schools that give full rides for NM scholars, then yes, your score is a big deal. Also, PSAT can actually count for a lot in admissions because scoring high enough may place you in consideration for highly selective summer programs such as Telluride.</p>

<p>CR: 76-80
M: 68-70
W: 76-78</p>

<p>Total: 220-228</p>

<p>These are my predictions based on how many I think I got wrong. For all I know, though, the score could be in the low teens. It's definitely better than 210, though. I'm a sophomore, so NM isn't possible this year. Hoping for a 225+ anyway!</p>

<p>When do they come out exactly? Will we be able to see them online first?</p>

<p>S2 thought the test was quite easy. Did anyone else feel that way?</p>

<p>I think it could come back to bite him. Isn't there a pretty stiff curve? </p>

<p>His brother was an NMF (only one in his HS class). I'm worried that he's assuming since his brother got it he will too.</p>


<p>~78 CR (mayyyyybe)
~71 M (I hope!)
~80 W (piece of cake)</p>

<p>~229 Total</p>

<p>My state's NMSF cutoff hovers around 210. All I need is a 212 or so to be safe, and I'm golden.</p>

<p>Has anyone heard yet?</p>

<p>Scores have been mailed according to CC member Sybbie719 (a teacher/GC who has a box in her hands ready to go to students). It is up to your school when they distribute them. Some do this right away, some wait until mid January. You can log onto collegeboard and see your scores without an access code (provided on the booklet given to you by the school), however this year the date is January 15. In the past you could do this as early as December 15.</p>

<p>Link to login on CB:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thread in the parents forum:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My GC showed me my scores today (she's not supposed to hand them out yet, so she just let me look at them but wouldn't let me take them or anything). I got a 209; 73 CR, 67 M, and 69 W. The weird thing is that usually my strength is Writing and I rarely miss more than one or two so I quickly skimmed through the part with the answers to see how many I got wrong. I only saw two incorrect answers. Is it possible that the curve is that harsh or did I probably just not see that I got more wrong?</p>

<p>I only missed one and got a 76 for writing :P</p>

<p>I did horrible again</p>

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<p>ahasdoigjasldkfj I really want to know what I got! I don't have the stupid access code though :( Plus my school doesn't pass them back until like January. I'll go to my GC on Monday and beg her to see my access code.</p>

<p>I mostly want to get it for the scholarships!!! But I live in Cali so the cut-off score is probably 220 at least.</p>

<p>my prediction scores:</p>

<p>cr: 60ish (64)
math: High 60s (68)
writing: 60s (65)</p>


<p>ARHFJKJBRUIO! Crap. My parents were expecting a 200+</p>

<p>I think I probably got about a 220 or 225. My last two practice tests turned out 225 and 217. It would be sweet to be a merit finalist, but the more important tests are still to come. Anyway, I sure hope I got a 230.</p>

<p>Since everyone else is doing them, I guess I'll do one too.</p>

<p>CR: -6 raw (69-70)
W: -3 raw (70)
M: -3 raw (72)</p>

<p>I'm literally praying for this.</p>

<p>If someone took it on 10/13, when should he get the score?
If he took it on 10/26, then when?</p>