PSAT scores in nj

Received 1430 on Psat in Nj… how are these scores?

I think important part is SI score, that’s what determines whether qualified for NMSQT or not.

that’s a nice score - but you will need to do a few things to figure out if its close to National merit for NJ. add up the 3 bottom scores - there’s 3 on the report bottom; 1 for reading, 1 for writing, 1 for math. use that number (it will be 200 something) to compare to what New Jerseys score was from last year. Good luck.

(We are midwest, so we often understand the ACT better than SAT. You can google a PSAT score to what it would be as an SAT score and google that to what it would be as an ACT score; just for reference. I did that with my sophomore daughter; it made more sense to her as a comparative tool).

You should be able to see something like “selection index” button towards the bottom of the PSAT score website. NJ has usually one of the highest SI in the US (222/223).

say mathkids - thanks for that info about the selection index button. I went back and looked at my kid’s - and I couldnt believe all of the info there about her test. All the questions, answers, how many missed, – It’s so interesting and helpful. So, thanks!

1430 means a SI between 210 and 219. That almost certainly means a Commended status (probably a 211 +/- 1 cutoff), but unlikely a semi-finalist status, which is probably 222-223, one of the highest in the country.

Thank you for the replies … I couldn’t understand it much, all I could understand from psat website was that they add the English scores different than the math scores. Also I believe his SI comes to 219 after I calculated it I believe he missed it by 2 points in nj. What is the next level that my son could get? Thank you so much everyone for helping each other out

The next level is to be commended. The Letter of Commendation is reserved for the top 3% of national test takers. The cutoff is the same for every state. Your son is almost guaranteed to get this award because its cutoff never has gone over 212.

Here is some more info about the cutoff in past years:
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I hope that helps :slight_smile: