PSAT Scores... When?

<p>When are PSAT scores given to us? December or January?</p>

<p>Your school should receive them in early to mid December. Some schools give them out then, some wait until Jan. Ask your counselor.</p>

<p>heard at our school that psat scores will be out in one week - note today is 11/09 - WOW that is early!!!</p>

<p>what? your school said this? i'm sure they're wrong.</p>

<p>i agree that it seems wrong on the surface. however, the guidance counselor at my school that said this is the best guidance counselor that we have at our school. he is straightforward, honest, and trustworthy. He was not joking around - he is always serious. he has never told me anything untrue in the past. thus, i believe him. He would know since they receive the scores first. also, it is not that hard to believe, because the test is virtually all multiple choice and with a scantron, you can get the scores in minutes. thus, i don't know why in the past it has taken so long. given the big deal with the new sats, i would not be at all surprised if this year they are getting the psats out of the way early. we will see next week, won't we!</p>

<p>your right. i mean theres no excuse why the scores shouldn't be online in a week. But collegeboard loves to dawdle. I certainly hope your right. You could be, i mean the new sat IS coming out, and they might want a load off their hands.</p>

<p>AlexMartin - i don't think PSATs are ever posted online.</p>

<p>nope, they're not posted online</p>