PSAT this saturday!

<p>Hey i'm taking the PSAT this saturday and I got some free prep mateiral from my school. However i that wasn't enough and I don't wanna go out and pay liek 20 bucs for a book i'm only gonna use for the next 2 days. Does anyoen know where i can download PSAT prep stuff online? or know of any REALLY CHEAP but useful prep books i can get my hands on? </p>

<p>I specifically need help in math...</p>

<p>Go to a bookstore with a cafe, bring your own paper and calculator, use their prep book and put it back.</p>

<p>You can do that?</p>

<p>I did it all the time.. Just don't write in the book or bend it or anything...</p>

<p>Or you can go to a public library and borrow a PSAT prep book. Your school might have some too. Otherwise, the only free problems I know of are the ones on the CB website.</p>

<p>or you can quit being cheap and biy your own prep book</p>

<p>uuh no thanks. i like being cheaap</p>

<p>how about "frugal"?</p>

<p>parsimonious, really. :)</p>