Psat Tomorrow

<p>I'm taking the PSAT tomorrow at school.
Fortunately, our school system pays for everyone from 9-11 grade to take it each year.
Is anyone else taking it tomorrow?</p>

<p>What are you doing right now for it? </p>

<p>I'm going to go over the PSAT test booklet from Collegeboard and the tips from PR.
I've also found some site that give helpful tips.
Search math equations for SAT</p>

<p>Any helpful math equations to remember? for sequences, permutations, etc.</p>

<p>Goal: M:70+ V:65+ W:70+</p>

<p>If you don't mind me asking, what PR text did you use ? I think it may be "The New PSAT" or "Cracking the....", it's the latest one. If so, how did your scores compare on their practice tests with CB's practice test that came with the packet? D's scores were lower on the CB test by 16 points. I was wondering if that was about the same as others have been finding.</p>

<p>I've been studying for about a month, using the pr books, cracking the psat and the new sat/psat books, I'm really nervous, it's a 1-time shot, at least if you're a junior like me and have never taken it before, at least with the sat/act you can increase your score, so i'm feeling unsure of my mathematic abilities right now</p>

<p>Yeah, D has escaped for a coupla hours of "fun", the stress level for you Jrs is up pretty high. D has been scoring really well on the math and not as well on the writing and now, math comes down and writing goes up-right before the test! I guess she worries math will stay lower and she'll do her normal on writing. Celebrian, How have your scores correlated between PR PSAT and CB practice tests?</p>

<p>Wait. the PSAT is tom?</p>

<p>Fallenstar, some schools give it on Wednesday, some on Saturday.</p>

<p>Well it is for me, I think it is in a lot of other places too.</p>

<p>Yeah I've used Cracking the New PSAT and Collegeboard one.
My score on PR is about 14 points lower, but then again I haven't used PR since August. I recently did the collegeboard one and found the math section to be a lot easier than the one they had last year on psat.
I don't think its very accurate. My verbal is up because there are no analogies and writing is up from lots of practice. Around the ranges I posted earlier.
I'm just a soph so I have one more year before it really counts.</p>

<p>Good luck to you juniors.</p>

<p>D took the PLAN last year so I don't know how hard the math section on the PSAT was last year but her freshman year she scored a 69. This year, while she's taking Calculus ,she's finding it more than a little difficult to get her mind back to Algebra and Geometry and is only scoring 5 points higher. BUT her other two sections APPEAR to have gone up substantially (14 and 18), which she credits more to increased vocabulary than anything else. We'll see . She said today was filled with kids asking her for any little hints, like if she knows any secrets. Well, she hasn't found any. LOL. ( Michael ,did you say your scores were lower on The PR than the CB? That is very interesting as D had no trouble with PR, but scored 16 points lower on CB. And the difference was 6 lower on math, 8 lower on CR and 2 lower on Writing.)</p>

<p>cb test: 78cr, 74v, 66m</p>

<p>pr psat test: 70cr 64v, 60m</p>

<p>pr sat test1: 730v, 720w, 580m</p>

<p>pr sat test2: 800v, 740w, 610m</p>

<p>as you can see, my math goes from pretty good to bad, but the cb test was much easier so i hope the psat tomorrow is more like that than pr test</p>

<p>D again must be a freak of nature. CB-72 cr,74 math,78 writing. She thought CB was substantially tougher than the Practice Tests in Cracking The PSAT (or whatever it was). But she'd love a 224. She'll be home shortly . I'll see if she wants to post because she was convinced one of the CB math Q's was screwedededed up.</p>

<p>I hate my school. They gae out the Bulletin TODAY with the practise test. I screwed up; 194. I'm praying for a 201+ to get Commended. :(</p>

<p>good luck to all you juniors [and younger]! just remember that colleges won't even see your PSAT scores if you do badly, so don't stress too much.</p>

<p>good luck to you juniors...i didn't care about the PSAT, cause i was i wish i had studied..funny thing is, after studying for the SAT, i looked over my PSAT, and i could have gotten in the 210's at least.......waaaaaaaah!!</p>

<p>im scurredddddd</p>

<p>I've taken a few kaplan tests and got around the mid to low 220's. Does anyone think kaplan is harder than the real thing. Can anyone compare kaplan to CB's bulletin test?</p>

<p>Nope. How did you do on the CB's practice test?Higher or lower?</p>

<p>yup i'm a soph and my school gives it on sat. How high do u have to score to qualify for national merit? i know i can't cuz i'm not a junior but i'd still like to know</p>

<p>I took the CB practice, got 223. I scored a 207 last year as a soph. For Oklahoma I only need one more point I think. Anyone have a guess on relative difficulty of CB pratice vs. real test?</p>

<p>the real test is a bit harder, from talking to people.</p>

<p>Well I think they have a different cutoff for each state... it should be in the PR book if you have that or try searching for it.</p>

<p>I believe its around 212-216ish but I'm not sure.</p>