PSATs vs. SATs

<p>Do you typically score higher on the SATs than the PSATs? I'm taking the SATs for the first time in January and just got back my PSAT results and frankly, they suck.</p>

<p>CR: 63
M: 64
W: 69</p>

<p>Total: 196</p>

<p>I plan on prepping from collegeboard's Official Guide to the SAT but was wondering whether the PSATs accurately reflect how I'll do on the SAT. Anyone know if it's usually better?</p>

<p>I scored much higher on the PSAT, at least on the CR section. PSAT was a 72, but the SAT was only a 580. strange, but I thought the passages were easier on the PSAT. Math and writing were close to my SAT score (69 vs. 720)</p>

<p>the difficulty of PSAT v SAT shouldn't be that much off, what grade are you?</p>

<p>it should be close, but your psat should be higher. Most people do better on the psat.</p>

<p>also you tend to be more nervous when taking the SATs since it kinda has to do with your future</p>

<p>"it should be close, but your psat should be higher. Most people do better on the psat."</p>

<p>Are you serious? I got a 157 on my PSAT!!!</p>

<p>ugh, 157? are you a junior or a sophmore</p>

<p>I'm a junior. Man, if my PSATs are better than my SATs, that does not bode well.</p>

<p>"ugh, 157? are you a junior or a sophmore"</p>

<p>I am a Junior.</p>

<p>jeez 157 for a junior? you really have to work now.</p>

<p>I only have the blue book and the testmasters solution guide. That will only last me 8 weeks. What will I do with the remaining 8 weeks?</p>

<p>Why don't you take an earlier SAT. Then, depending upon your scores, you can see about whether you should take a test prep course before you retake the SAT.</p>

<p>220 PSAT</p>

<p>2310 SAT</p>

<p>no study for either</p>

<p>Yeah, I kinda bummed out on my PSAT. I hope I do a lot better on the SAT. I guess I really didn't try on the PSAT but that really shouldn't make a difference anyway.</p>