PSE word limit

<p>I am almost ready to submit my PSE form but was wondering if there was a character limit? When I did freshman housing form I didn't know it was EXACTLY 500 characters and ended up going over the midnight deadline to submit it.</p>

<p>Has anyone submitted it yet?</p>

<p>What is PSE?</p>

<p>I just submitted earlier tonight and if there is a character limit, it is pretty generous. One of my answers had 2000+ characters.</p>

<p>Firefly, </p>

<p>Unless I'm mistaken, PSE = Perspectives on Science and Engineering.</p>

<p>A PSE could also mean Personal Statement of Experience, which is an entrace essay of sorts..</p>

<p>The PSE we're talking about is indeed Perspectives on Science and Engineering.</p>