PSEO and credits towards degree

<p>first, has anyone been through the PSEO program at the U? what was it like? would you recommend it?</p>

<p>i will have 10 U of M credits after this summer because of a couple language courses i've taken through College in the Schools. i think i might take more foreign language classes next year (10th grade), or i might go with a different subject since i don't want to overload on language credits. what is the maximum number of language credits that will apply to a degree in a totally unrelated major? if it depends on the major, could you give a general idea? thanks.</p>

<p>I can't really address your language questions, but as far as PSEO goes, I know many people that did PSEO here at the U and they absolutely loved it and high recommend it. It allows you to start taking courses here at the U and start fulfilling requirements. Remember though, that they will count towards your final college GPA and the classes can be quite tougher than your high schools ones so be ready to work hard.</p>

<p>ok, thanks. any other input?</p>

<p>not sure about the credit specific questions, but as for U of M pseo it's a really well done system overall. I did pseo through U of M at the Duluth campus part-time my junior year and full-time my senior year, and I really recommend it. I realize that the program will be absolutely different in sheer size at the twin cities campus, but it is run by the same administration. Registration can be pretty overwhelming, but if you're running into trouble with full courses look for those with cont. ed. seats reserved. Not positive if this is the same at the twin cities campus, but at the duluth campus, if the cont. ed. seats didn't fill up they're given to pseo before they're given back to regular students. This really helped me in regards to spanish courses, which otherwise fill up immediately.</p>

<p>Bump. I was thinking about doing it next year, but since I didn't want to overwhelm myself, I'm going to probably be taking it my senior year. Any general input about the program?</p>

<p>If you just do it senior year, I'm almost 100% guaranteeing you will regret not doing it junior year too. It's kinda like studying abroad (or so I hear) you think going for the full year is too much, but then after you're done with the 6 months you wish you did the whole thing.</p>

<p>I've done PSEO part time junior year and full/part time senior year. Seriously, one of my biggest regrets was not doing it full time. It's hard work of course, but it gives you so much freedom. And it pretty much gives you a head start on life (assuming you want to go to college of course) PM me if you want any more info.</p>

<p>I did PSEO at a community college but yeah, I wouldn't change it for the world! I finished high school with 31 college credits and a feeling of accomplishment and independence. PSEO is a wonderful program.</p>