PSEO - Post Secondary

<p>Does post secondary (xavier university or maybe ucincinnati) look better on college apps than AP.</p>

<p>Our school has a crappy AP system where you can only take 5 AP classes and most people fail them. Although im sure i would do fine on AP tests, im also sure i would learn more in post secondary classes.</p>

<p>BTW i posted this in other forums but i am not getting any responses</p>

<p>Universities like to see students taking college classes, but it is very hard to get credit for them, no matter how good the university was. If you want to go that route, but want the credits, you could just take the corresponding AP tests.</p>

<p>What nngmm said. Colleges set their own rules about what credit they grant (sometimes none) for studies you did before applying. Minnesota PSEO students are also well advised not to expect credit at all for what they do in high school, and to take AP tests in subjects that have an AP test. But doing a strong high school program helps you get into a better college and become a better educated person, so it is not wasted effort.</p>

<p>I am a senior this year and have been doing PSEO part-time at the University of Minnesota Duluth. My high school doesn't have any AP's so this was basically the only option for me to take more difficult classes. I never expected to get much, if any, credit to transfer out of this, but I still think it was a great decision. I have learned far more in a few courses than I did in years of high school classes thanks to a few really good professors. I certainly believe it looks good on college apps to be taking college courses and doing well in them. I was accepted EA at Notre Dame and I wouldn't be surprised if PSEO helped me there.</p>

<p>In ohio, most AP classes taken at schools where everyone passes the AP test are harder than PSEOP classes taken at nearby community colleges. Both look good on a college application.</p>