PSU/ Jefferson Medical

<p>Hi, Im a junior.
I was wondering if these stats are any good for the 6/7 year program for medicine</p>

<p>2200+ SAT (Im working on it, looking at maybe a 2300+ if I can beat the Critical Reading)</p>

<p>Idk about the GPA... I have 2 B+s, 1 B (the B+s in Chem HRS and French HRS and the B in English HRS) I have 3 A-s from Soph, 3-4 this year (English HRS, French HRS, AP World, and maybe AP Chem if I cant get a normal A...) the rest are easily As and A+s</p>

Club Med- trying to get Pres or Vice</p>

<p>Science Fair- trying for secretary, but I have a good BioChem project this year dealing with Tissue Chromatography</p>

<p>BioOlympics-Varsity+Founding Member</p>

<p>Scholastic Scrimmage- Varsity, but not TV team :(</p>

<p>Science Olympiad- no role, but its pretty good for my background knowledge, cuz Im doing Protein Modeling and Disease Detectives</p>

<p>NHD- School winner for 3 years, trying to see if I can makes states this year</p>

<p>Engineering Club-It has no leadership roles </p>

<p>Ping-Pong Club- Maybe Pres If I start coming lol</p>

<p>Science and Math honors societies- only two I can get in... I might run, I might not it depends on whether the popular kids (who always win the elections) run</p>

Im applying for some internships, but idk if I got into any. All medical/engineering/ tissue related.
150+ Volunteer Hrs, all at the Library
Im migh apply for a summmer volunteer/intern at Hershey Medical
I have a patent going out, but idk if it will go through... The deadlines in like 2-3 months</p>

<p>I have more stuff, but thats all from the top of my head....
Do I have a chance?</p>