PSU Schreyers Vs. Drexel Vs. MSU

<p>I have a friend who is having a major dilema. His first choice was NYU Stern and he was accepted ED, but he has called them 5 times and they STILL have not sent his financial aid package. NYU is


notorious for bad packages. Part of ED binding says "if adequate aide is given" so he is not forced to go if he can't pay. but his deposits for PSU and Drexel an MSU are due, so he's not sure which one to mail a second deposit to incase NYU ends up giving him inadequate aide. He's not too big on MSU, but he's debating over Drexel and PSU. His major is business/enginnering field, but still kind of undecided. His mom thinks Drexel is "private" so better (they gave him a full scholarship) but he thinks PSU is more prestigous</p>

<p>bump bump... any suggestions? i tell him psu is better... anyone can back me up? i dont actually have any arguments other than psu = #50 and drexel = #106 on us news but i know thats a stupid reason... but also, drexel campus = 40 acres and psu campus = 10,000 acres</p>

<p>Drexel's campus is tiny compared to most others in the country (according to The Princeton Review). Penn State is located on a very large campus and most likely has higher-quality teaching.</p>

<p>if he got into schreyer then that is the place to be. drexel's campus is ugly, and if he has the stats to get into stern, then he shouldn't be at drexel anyway.
the schreyer program is hard to beat, considered a near-ivy education for half the cost. just read some of the previous posts about it. If cost is an issue, than go with penn state.</p>

<p>If it wasn't for the lack of a quality music program, PSU would have been our son's choice. Schreyer seems awesome.</p>