PSU Schreyers vs. Notre Dame

<p>Here is our dilemma. Our D has her choices narrowed down to Notre Dame and Penn State Schreyers Honor College. The following are some of the key issues:</p>

<p>Notre Dame ranking / reputation vs. Schreyer ranking / reputation ???
Notre Dame drive – 6 hrs. vs. Penn State – 2.5 hrs.
Notre Dame cost is approx. $4,000 more per year after FA is considered
She has not determined her major course of study
Size of enrollment
Schreyers seems to provide $$ for study abroad program
Having friends already attending PSU and none at ND (not huge, but a factor)
Penn State's college town atmosphere vs. South Bend down the road from ND</p>

<p>You are welcome to put forth you opinions and assistance.</p>

<p>We're considering Schreyer, too. In fact, we are driving there tomorrow from the Pittsburgh area for some sort of Schreyer presentation/tour. I thought it took longer than 2.5 hours, though. Do you know anything about a new road being built that is supposed to cut down on the travel time?</p>

<p>We live in the eastern suburbs, so we're on the PSU side of Pittsburgh. Last drive up there was just a shade over 2.5 hours. Sometimes its a little longer depending on conditions and how many coal trucks you get behind on certain stretches of 2 lane roads.</p>

<p>They are working on I-99 which runs past Altoona and eventually will finish near State College. There is about 25 miles open from Rt.22 heading North. It also connects with the PA Turnpike further south. I'm not sure where you coming from, but we take the Rt.22 to I-99 to US-220 into State College. Interstate 99 was supposed to be further along by now, but there was an environmental issue with acid runoff from the cuts they made in the mountain for the road. I think its supposed to be complete (into State College) some time in 2007.</p>

<p>I am one of many Pittsburgh area students who, like your D, had to choose between Schreyers and higher ranked universities. In my case UVa offered practically nothing in aid and made the choice for me heartbreakingly easy.</p>

<p>Your D seems to have gotten a lot of aid from ND, so that's very impresive. If she wants to study abroad, then Penn State is excelent because they have many travel abroad programs that you can go to that you can get aid for. Most study abroad can be worked out to cost the same as a semester at university park.</p>

<p>State College is a very nice college town, with lots of fun things to do.</p>

<p>Yes, the ND aid package kind of caught us by surprise. She got more than we thought she would get. She just found out that she was accepted to ND regular decision early in April and the aid package just came early last week so we only have a short time to wrestle with this before May 1st. We are thinking of sending the $300 deposit in to PSU just to reserve her spot at Schreyers. I believe that you only lose $100 if you choose to go elsewhere. ND on the other hand is $500 and you lose it all if you go some place else.</p>

Wow, we did the same thing about the deposit! I think housing is an issue at PSU and know kids who lived in supplemental housing for awhile. For $100, you can't go wrong, especially if it's down to two choices.</p>

<p>But I'm with you about the time factor. Why on earth do they force families to decide within two weeks when apps were finished 4 or 5 months ago?</p>

<p>We just agreed that the deposit check is going in the mail tomorrow. This is going to be a rough two weeks. We are planning another trip to Notre Dame next week. We've only visited ND once and have been to PSU several times. It doesn't matter when the ND deposit goes in - as long as its before May 2nd. They choose dorms based on totally random assignments.</p>

<p>I have a son that is a freshman at Penn State in the Honors College. He was accepted at VTech, UVA and Bucknell as well. To be honest with you at first (prior to a visit to PSU) I really did not want him to go to Penn State. We made our visit and I was overwhelmed with how well we were treated, the facilities, the interest they showed in the students and everything else you would look for in a University. My son decided that Penn State was where he wanted to be. He is in the Blue Band, Ingtramurals, and a number of other activities. (First semester he had a 3.8 GPA, so he must be studying as well). He absolutely LOVES Penn State (his parents love it as well). Like I said at first I was not sure if it was the correct decision but after the first semester and into the second semester it has turned out to be the best decision for him as well as for us. As a sidebar..there is nothing too sneeze about Notre Dame..I have good friends that had sons and daughters go there and they were extremely pleased with Notre Dame.</p>

<p>Only one thing to say now -</p>

<p>We are Penn State !</p>