Psu umd or osu

Hi everyone. I have gotten into both UMD OSU and PSU and they are my top three schools. I want to do something in the medical field and am still thinking of what major I want, potentially biology. Which school would you guys recommend? All OOS

We visited OSU and PSU for my daughter and I thought both seemed like good choices for careers in the medical field. Depending on your stats I would imagine OSU would be much cheaper. I believe the OSU med school is ranked much higher also if you go that path.

If your costs are going to be the same (don’t forget to factor in travel two or three times a year), then it really is OK for you to choose based on whatever random factors you like. So what do you like? Is weather important? Is the variety of majors offered? What about the number and distribution of graduation requirements? Think about those things too.

But first, run the numbers. I you are thinking Med/Dent/PT/PA, etc., then you don’t want to spend much money for your undergrad degree. You want to have some cash left to help pay for that later stage of your education.

Definitely OSU, they have a super strong reputation in anything health/medicine related. You’ll also have lots of opportunities for research/internships through OSU Wexner Med Center and all the other area hospitals.

  1. most premed students get accepted to zero med school- and this doesn’t include the freshmen weeded out in general chemistry nor the sophomores weeded out in orgo.
    Choose a university that will be good if you don’t get into med school
  2. don’t pick biology. Not only is it not necessary for med school but it’s got very low ROI with few job prospects. What university offers majors you’re interested in? Were you admitted undecided (DUS at Psu)? If not, how easy is it to switch majors at orientation?
  3. calculate (tuition room board fees ) -(grants, scholarships) andl ist the results below.