PSU- UP chances!

<p>uw gpa- 87
weighted- 92.30</p>

<p>SAT- 1200/1600 and 1690/2400
ACT- 27
extracurriculars- habitat for humanity president (9th-12th), National Honor Society (12th grade only offered to seniors), varsity golf (9th-12th), i do play by play commentary for my high schools football teams and is aired on the local tv station and MSG varsity, Ignite mentoring club (Ignite is a leadership club in which upperclassmen help mentor and provide guidance to the freshmen. I joined in 11th grade.), Gildas club youth committee since 11th.</p>

<p>i went to Penn States Summer Study program in the summer of 2010. while there i did a sports marketing intership with the local single a baseball team, the state college spikes. i also helped stuff envelopes for the football teams promotional staff. I took a college course while there, macroeconomics, and got a 89.28 as my final grade. Only 2 high schoolers in the class, rest were college students.
talked to a big alum who put in a good word for me if that helps.</p>

<p>i also do media club and architecture club since 9th grade</p>

<p>sorry! last thing! i also applied for the summer session!!</p>

<p>Sorry but I don't think you have a good shot to UP. From what my guidance counselor has told me, UP requires around a 3.4 or 3.5 UW from my school at least, plus your SAT scores are well below average.</p>

<p>You have similar stats as me, except my SAT 2400 and gpa are higher. I was accepted to summer session. when did you have all required materials in?</p>

<p>like october 10th or 11th i believe</p>

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<p>Penn State goes strictly by stats. They say the final decision is 2/3rds GPA and 1/3rd SAT or ACT. </p>

<p>I really thought u were Cole (Jbiebs) Tessler with that Jetsman name.</p>

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<p>Chris from sports marketing class. I just found out about this site when searching about penn state stuff and found this post which is pretty weird. Who is this if not cole?</p>

<p>lol chris small world .. :P could expect to find you here</p>

<p>F U chris, i never knew i had an account here, is that reid or evan?</p>

<p>i havent been called beiber or anything related to it since Nam</p>

<p>Low reach to high match i would say....</p>

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<p>@Wilkey an 87 is a about a</p>