Psu vs pitt vs wcupa

<p>I am transferring in state to one of these but which one would you recommend? Also explain why.
Penn State U.P.
Pitt main
West Chester University.</p>

<p>I will be in the sciences major.</p>

<p>P.S> I am not sure whether you know of other threads that answer this better ;)</p>

<p>Penn State. If PSU is a reach, then West Chester can be your safety. As a Penn State alum I am barred from admitting that Pitt exists. ;-)</p>

<p>West Chester would probably offer smaller class sizes, and is cheaper. However, I would expect Pitt and Penn State to have higher quality upper level science classes, and more serious students in upper level classes. You learn a great deal from your fellow students. Don't expect much financial aid directly from Penn State or Pitt.</p>

<p>For strong anything bio related and great research opportunities (at the many hospitals on-campus), city campus - Pitt</p>

<p>For engineering and Big Ten sports/ party experience - Penn State</p>

<p>For opportunities to inflate your grades for Med School Admissions- WCU</p>

<p>As path2medicine is your handle, it really is a no-brainer for Pitt, and it isn't even close.</p>

<p>Pitt has one of the best</a> medical and bioscience reputations in the country. It is known for its volume and variety and access</a> to undergrad research opportunities, which are greatly emphasized, and the bulk of the bioscience labs are right on campus. Some of the country's</a> largest and most prestigious hospitals are also right on campus as well. What this means for students is that it is much easier to facilitate gaining undergrad research, medical volunteering, and physician shadowing experiences around your class work and social life.</p>