PSU: When will I receive an admissions decision?

I applied Early Action to University Park on August 1st as soon as the application was available. I was notified on Friday the 21st that all my materials were received. I know a decision will be announced by December 24th but I was wondering if it is likely that I would know before then. When is the earliest I could be given a decision?


No one can answer this for you unfortunately. First of all, it’s the first year that PSU is doing early action, so no one really knows how that is going to pan out. For regular admission, MOST people hear in January. The next most in December, a few in November. Since you are supposed to know by Dec 24, I’m going to GUESS that MOST people will hear in December, then the next most batch in November and a few in October. If you have very high stats and are an absolute slam dunk “in”, you may hear earlier than most. Same with if you are a slam dunk “no”. But If you are a middle of the road applicant, expect December.

The Penn State website says:

Apply Early Action by November 1 —> notification by December 24
Apply Regular Action by November 30 —> notification by January 31
Apply Regular Action by December 31 —> notification by February 28
Apply Regular Action by January 31 —> notification by March 31
Apply Regular Action after January 31 —> notification rolling