Psych 160

<p>I am an incoming freshmen engineer. I am very interested in taking this class. Would you recommend so or should I put it off until later perhaps? I plan on taking it as P/NP. Is it true psych 1 is a prequesite, so I can't take it then? I decided to take it because Econ 1 has a summer reading plus perhaps it will be full.</p>

<p>Also how much writting is involved? I don't care about reading.</p>

<p>I'm a chem major and I took this class last semester for P/NP (just because of my other classes). It's weird. I was hella excited for this class at first. Then it kinda died down. But now, looking back, what was taught in the course/from the book might be valuable (which was why I decided to keep the book rather than sell it for now). But the point is, if you can manage to take it this semester, that's great. However, if all sections are full... well... </p>

<p>Let me say the key to getting into this class is getting into a discussion section with little people enrolled, or a section where the number of seats available is greater than the number of people in the waitlist. Granted, this may mean having a discussion on Friday, but that doesn't matter at all.</p>

<p>I took the class without having taking Psych 1 or a single psych class. TeleBEARS won't stop you. Personally, I was fine. Nobody knew I didn't take the prerequisite. </p>

<p>As for writing, we did two short writing assignments in the spring. Y'know, short 1 to 2 page "essays" graded on a 10 point scale.</p>

<p>Thanks 910eggmen your reply was really helpful. I think I will take it. And the fact that I am upperdiv and I am an incoming freshmen, people won't care? What semester where you at when you took it?</p>

<p>Also what does this mean Restrictions: SO, JR, SR & BY CATEGORY ?</p>

<p>Tried enrolling right now in Telebears and got this: You are unable to add this course because you have not met the enrollment restrictions for this course.</p>

<p>Psychology 160 LEC section 01 is restricted to Students with a class level of Sophomore or Junior or Senior </p>

<p>Seats have been reserved for:
1)Students with a major of Psychology and Students with a class level of Junior or Sophomore or Senior
2)Students with a registration status of new and Students with a class level of Junior
3)Open seating </p>

<p>Could I enroll during phase II when everyone else already enrolled if there were space?</p>

<p>You can enroll in the course second phase but I'm almost positive you will be on a very very long waitlist. This is because 1) Upper division psych courses are highly sought after by many students and 2) It's Phase II. You're best bet is to sign up for it ASAP before phase II hits (putting yourself lower on the waitlist) or sign up for it as an upper classmen (junior or senior) and earlier. Psych 150 and 160 are the two most popular psych courses. Goodluck</p>