Psycholinguistics vs. Cognitive Science?

I’m interested in linguistics and psychology, as well as learning more languages. I’m pretty sure I’d like to go for a Masters degree, but I’m not sure what kind of career would follow these interests. In looking at various college majors, these two seem to be the ones that would best fit my interests but I am wondering how would I choose between the two of them?

Would picking one over the other give me a better chance at merit scholarships? I have an SAT of 1410 but my unweighted GPA is only 3.44 due to ADHD and executive function challenges, so it would be nice if the college I went to had the resources to support students with my kind of difficulties.


Neither will make a difference in merit scholarships (unless there is a super-random / super-specific one at a specific college).

This is not a question that you really can- or should- try and resolve at this stage: it’s one that will unfold over time as you learn more about each, the possible pathways, unexpected new possibilities that you can’t even imagine yet, what you learn through internships, etc.

Remember that (from the college’s point of view), the purpose of merit $$ is to get students whose stats better than the college average to come to their college, so if merit $$ are necessary, you need to be looking at colleges where your stats put you in the upper 25% of admitted students.

As for support for ADHD / exec function - most colleges offer reasonable support. If you need a lot of active support, check out the forums here on CC- there is a lot of info available.

ps, paging @juillet who swims in some of these waters and has a great perspective on finding your path!