Psychology, accounting, and law majors.

<p>I am a Junior in high school, and my ultimate dream is to become a FBI agent. I am currently learning Arabic and Farsi in order of bettering my chances. BUt i would also like to find a school that would be good for Psychology, Accounting, and Law Majors. I would like to get a masters in Psychology and Accounting, and would like to get a JD Degree in Law.</p>

<p>Any suggestions on where i should go or where I should think about looking?</p>

<p>You can't get a law degree in undergrad. You can get psychology and accounting bachelor's degrees, but if you do you will have to apply to law school separately after you graduate from college and then attend for 3 years at least in order to get a JD. You don't need a law degree to be an fbi Agent but it can help. One good school for accounting and business-related majors is Boston University. I have heard good things about NYU Stern as well but it might be difficult financially.</p>