Psychology courses

<p>Since I'm planning on participating in the Freshman summer start program to fulfill my GE requirements, I was wondering what were the differences among the different psychology classes in terms of content and difficulty (psychology 7A, 9A, 9B, and 9C). I looked, and Psych 9A-C are all essentially fundamental classes.</p>

<p>Also, is there one that I should avoid?</p>

<p>Content itself is easy, comparable to AP Psych. The psych 9 series is designed for psych majors. Psych 9B was cognition and memory, psych 7A is just a general introduction of psych (very easy, but you won't get credit for it if you take a 9 series course beforehand).</p>

<p>You may take the 9 series out of sequence. I'm not sure what the content is for 9A and 9C, but you can find out if you peruse websoc or check class websites of the courses.</p>

<p>As for difficulty, it depends on your teacher. Some professors require essays while others have simple multiple choice midterms with no final. But generally, it is easy.</p>

<p>From the catalog:
7A Introduction to Psychology (4) F, W, S, Summer. Weekly topics include human development, memory and problem solving, learning theory, perception, biological mechanisms, emotions and motivation, personality theory, social psychology, and behavior disorders. Students have the opportunity to volunteer for participation in several ongoing laboratory experiments. Formerly Psychology 7. No credit for Psychology 7A if taken after 9A-B-C. (III)</p>

<p>9A-B-C Psychology Fundamentals (4-4-4) F, W, S. A year-long sequence designed to provide freshman Psychology majors with an in-depth survey of general psychology. Topics include biological bases of behavior, sensation, perception, cognition, development, personality, psychopathology, and social psychology. Prerequisite: freshman Psychology major; consent of instructor. No credit for Psychology 7A if taken after 9A-B-C. (III)</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the info, though I'm going as a chem major, I'm hoping that they'll let me take Psychology 9B due to the commuting issue I have...</p>