Psychology/Criminology double major?

<p>How hard would a psychology/criminology double major be? I'm not sure how much they overlap, and I don't want to major in two things that have nothing to do with each other. I'm not looking to completely screw off and party all the time in college, but I don't want to spend every weekend working my butt off just to get by either. Thanks :D</p>

<p>It would be pretty easy.</p>

<p>However, it would be much better to major in two subjects that are totally different. Such as Criminology and CS.</p>

<p>To employers, it won't help you get a job - they are to similiar, no separate skills.</p>

<p>My gripe with it is that the two disciplines are much too similar. If you need to choose one, take psychology, because it's more general and can also apply to criminology. Major in one of them, and take a handful of electives in the other. Then you can focus the rest of your attention on something entirely different. You should sample things in college- don't narrow your focus too much.</p>

<p>I doubt it'd make your college too much more difficult. </p>

<p>I'm assuming you are interested in a career in law enforcement. When you are being interviewed by police officers you will be glad that you have that background. Don't be like my friend who has a BBA, an MBA, and a Masters in Marketing Research trying to tell the board that he has always wanted to be a police officer. He didn't get the job, lol. </p>

<p>That said, just make sure you pick a specific goal and apply yourself in every way possible toward that. Internships will go further than a good GPA.</p>

<p>Your major matters nothing to police departments.</p>

<p>In fact, they prefer people with diverse degrees over CJ/Psych majors. CS, IT, Business are all well received.</p>

<p>I've done hundreds of background investigations for police departments. </p>

<p>CJ is ok, but it won't open anymore doors for a person in LE than any other majors.</p>

<p>I've read on in an book on the FBI (i'm pretty sure) written by a retired agent that CJ majors (I'm paraphrasing :) ) are a bit redundant, because if you become a special agent they teach you all you need to know at FLETC...then comes the hands-on experience.</p>

<p>But yeah, I agree with Bigeast about the Police Departments...</p>