Psychology or Biochem for Psychiatry?

<p>Hey there!</p>

<p>I will be going to Georgia Tech in the fall, and I am now thinking about pursuing psychiatry as my professional career. I plan on taking the Pre-Med track at Georgia Tech and majoring in Psychology. So, is that a good idea? Or should I major in Biochemistry, minor in Psychology and still do the Pre-Med track? Basically what I'm asking is which path will be prepare me for medical school.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Psychology, it's easier and your GPA will be higher.</p>

<p>Psychiatry is very dependent on biochemistry these days. Although the above poster's claim that psychology will probably be easier for a good GPA is true, it might benefit you to have the more rigorous preparation of biochem.</p>

<p>Good point! I never really thought about psychology giving me a higher GPA, thanks for that! But do you think I will still be able to pass the MCAT with only taking the required/suggested Pre-Med classes?</p>

<p>Nothing is tested on the MCAT beyond what is required so additional classes are not necessary at all, unless you are majoring in a science. The MCAT is more of a critical thinking test than a knowledge test. Pick something you will be interested in for a major because even though psychology is "easier", you will not do well in something you dread going to every day. Admissions committees won't favor one major over another, nor will either major help significantly in med school.</p>