PT & New School of Health Sciences & Pharmacy

I am a current student at HPU, and am just ecstatic about the new buildings going up around campus. Physical Therapy starts this summer, Pharmacy is already 1 class into their new program and Physicians Assistant is 2 classes into their program too. If you haven’t asked for a hard hat tour of that new building you are missing out!

@iloveCottrell I am just curious, do you happen to work for the admissions office? This the first post you have ever put on this site, you say you are a student but don’t say you are studying physical therapy or pharmacy, yet you are “ecstatic” about their new buildings and urge people to tour the construction site. If you do work for admissions it’s fine, but you should be up-front about it.

Hi @mandymd I do not work for admissions. Sorry i wasn’t more thorough in my response…as you noticed it is my first time. I am just trying to answer some questions and add to the conversation. Didn’t know the rules and regulations.