Ptlw biomed vs APES

Hello, I am a Sophomore this year and I was wondering what science elective I should do during my junior year. This year I’m taking Ap biology and honors chem, and Ap world, next year, I want to take Apes and Biomed but only have room for one class. Which one should I take? Also in college, I plan on taking a neuroscience major, which includes chemistry, biology, biochem, and psychology. Next, my schedule will look like this, Pre-calc, AP stats, AP psychology, honors physics, maybe ap lang. And I only one spot left for one science elective, so I’m torn between APES and Biomed as I have great knowledge of both courses.

Both are an elective, so pick your favorite.
However you’re not taking a foreign language, have you reached level 3/4/AP.

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By junior year I would have finished my two years of Spanish, I don’t want to continue Spanish since I didn’t take it during middle school, as I took Japanese, and for some reason, the high school doesn’t offer Japanese only mandarin, Kanji (basically Chinese), French. Thanks for the advice though. Also which do you think will be better to take to balance out my schedule APES or PLTW Biomed, also I want to go into med school after college.

Not taking Spanish 3 will bar you from most selective colleges though. It’s considered a core course (like English, Math, Social Science/History, and Science). For most selective universities students have reached level 4 (and if you want to be premed and your language is Spanish, be aware a strong level of Spanish fluency will be expected. If your college offers Japanese you can take 3-4 semesters of Japanese instead for graduation, but your college entrance requirement will not change and Level 3 matters.)
Neither class will matter for med school. The premed program is heavy on weedout classes involving first, chemistry, so anything you can do to strengthen your chem background will help; then, biology, calculus, physics. You’ll also need to rank very high in English, Sociology, and Psychology courses, and in your chosen major (which may not be sciences, but neuroscience is a major that makes sense).
Precalc or Precalc Honors, AP Lang, and honors physics are strong classes, AP Stats and AP Psych are easy AP’s. APES is known as another easy AP and I don’t know what reputation Biomed has at your school. Taking Spanish 3 should have priority over taking an elective though, unless you’re okay applying to less selective schools (which, for a premed, is okay, since it’s all about how well you do in comparison to others at your college - you have to be among the very best.)
Senior year you should definitely take Honors English, (or AP lang if allowed and not taken in 11th grade), Calculus, AP Chem, History or Government/Economics (AP or Honors), and then perhaps take APES or Biomed and another elective?

Thank you I didn’t really think about a foreign language after highschool. I will really take this into consideration when planning out my schedule.

I agree…I would consider the foreign language…both for admission and as a required course in college.